Cheryl & I just got back from an awesome mission trip to Alsace France with Aaron & Betsy Palmer! It was truly a joy to get to work with them in this way! We made a great team! As we prayed together (along with hundreds of brothers and sisters), God unfolded every day in a most perfect and meaningful way! He put us together at just the right times with the right people who needed the encouragement and teaching that He gave us to share! He permitted us to develop many relationships, and bumped us into more people still...in a most amazing way! He supplied great joy each day as we prayed and studied with friends and contacts in this beautiful place!

God is at work in Colmar to bring together a wonderful and strong New Testament church! He is bringing together a wonderful core group, and is getting them connected and focused for His Great Purpose! Each time we are there, He unfolds things more, but this time we were all shocked by how hungry and ready people were to be a part of this 'God project'! The first person we met with asked us about baptism and how it works! What a wonderful surprise! Prayer groups continue to be formed in homes. We have plans to Skype more often and supply resources for study and spiritual growth even when we are not there in person. Additional visits are being planned, and communication is also being increased on LinkedIn and by email.

So much happened in ten days--much of it will be bearing fruit for years to come! Please pray for these souls who desire to follow Jesus every day! Please pray for the wonderful workers God is assembling to help with this new church start! 

We will be sharing a full report along with some beautiful photos from the trip soon! Keep a look out! 

Thanks for all the prayer cover while traveling! Things could not have been more perfect! 

If you want to get involved or support this awesome work in some way, just let us know!