For every terrible news story every day in the global media, God has millions of good things He is bringing about in people's lives for His Eternal Purpose...all over the earth! Every week, I Skype with people all over the planet, and I have traveled in over 87 countries in the past 55 years. One of the greatest blessings about knowing God's people all over the earth is getting to hear first-hand what awesome things He is doing real-time everywhere! In spite of human sin and human suffering, lawlessness and hate, He blesses and comforts and pours out His love to all all who seek Him genuinely from the heart! (Read Acts 2:38-47)

One of the many wonderful things we are to learn from Jesus Christ is how to SEE God the Father at work every day! Jesus knew well David's Psalms...Psalm 23 and Psalm 145. Read those two chapters and you will begin to see how God operates every day...and how He wants us to operate every day in His awesome presence!

One of the things that you will learn from being on Mission Daily Learning from Jesus is just how awesome Your Maker and Sustainer is! This is one of the things we train to in MISSION 1 TRAINING. If you want to SEE and BECOME more like Jesus in your daily walk, make sure and join us for our quarterly offering of this unique training! It is offered in French, English and Spanish. It is conducted in Maryland USA, and on-site for various congregations in the USA and in the French World.

Contact me to get on the next roster! All of our training is free, but you can make a donation to our work fund if you like. You must personally take care of all of your travel and lodging expenses while here in training. It usually takes place over a long weekend. If you would like this training conducted at your congregation, please email me at ofwmissions@gmail.com. Thanks!

God bless you this week as you seek to SEE and BECOME like Jesus!