OK, enough talk. Now it’s time to GO! You won’t be alone! Others are going onto French mission fields this year to reach out to people with the love of God and help start new congregations. God has been preparing and is now sending some wonderful workers to seek and serve like Jesus!

I hope you have been praying fervently as God has been preparing you for HIS GREAT MISSION! After a season of prayer and preparation, it’s TIME TO GO!

If you have not been through MISSION 1 TRAINING yet, you need to schedule that as soon as possible!

If you have not yet gone on a mission survey trip or mission campaign, you need to go!

Take your pick of places to go and work…Colmar, France; La Rochelle, France; Avignon, France; Pau, France; Bordeaux, France; Caen, France; Baie St. Paul, Quebec; Baie Comeau, Quebec; Saba; Statia; Martinique; Reunion!

Let us know what you’e thinking and praying about! We will pray with you and help to encourage you in your going!

God bless you! Que Dieu vous bénisse!